Lora River Road, Lora Gorge, Winton 9782, New Zealand

fresh, organic & wholesome vegetables, herbs & flowers - naturally!

The grass isn't greener...

Hi we’re Anna and Casey from Lora River Farm. We're born and bred Southlanders, and like so many other Southlanders we packed up as soon as we could and headed for the bright lights of the city in search of a little more excitement and opportunities. 

Fast forward to ten years and two children later, we realised the city life wasn't for us anymore so we quit our sensible jobs and headed back home to the South for a meaningful life with our hands in the soil.  

So here we are now as organic producers located in the picturesque Lora Gorge in Central Southland. In our gardens we follow permaculture principles and practice regenerative agriculture which means we try to work with nature while enhancing soil health and biodiversity on the farm. We believe this brings our customers the tastiest produce that doesn't compromise your health or the health of our environment. 

Casey runs the day-to-day operations on the farm and keeps the cogs turning. He comes from a background in biomedical science and until recently worked in biotechnology. Casey brings to the farm his experience and passion for production systems, lean thinking, and all things microbial. Casey can either be found out in the field tending to crops and the soil, implementing and improving farm systems, or deep in a spreadsheet crunching production numbers to ensure we have the freshest produce needed by our valued customers. 

Anna provides the strategic direction and oversight for Lora River Farm. She is driven to make sure that the decisions we make on our farm are the best for the environment, your family and our family by drawing on her background in public health and environmental management & policy. On the farm, Anna oversees the flower and herb gardens, farm ecological systems, seedling raising and photography. 

Our children, Ari and Ida also play an important role on the farm. Ari is chief inventor and apprentice green thumb with a deep love for edible flowers. Ida has a great interest in nature and enjoys welcoming and caring for the animals and insects that call Lora River Farm their home. 

Together, they provide us with the drive to contribute to a better food system.